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Craggy Gardens Engagement

My best friend is getting married! I was so so so excited when Cassie sent me a pic of her ring. OMG! Of course I had to do their photos! (I will also be shooting their wedding ceremony next year!)

You want to know how Josh proposed? He hiked up Mount LeConte...hid a message...hiked back down...and then hiked back up the next day with Cassie and led her to the message and then got down on one knee. What the heck?! How romantic is that?!

For their engagement, Cassie really wanted some majestic mountain views. After lots of research, we found Craggy Gardens in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Supposedly, there is this one spot where a rock kind of juts out and it appears as though it's hanging over the edge and only the mountains are in the background. Well, we hiked up (I have to mention, Cassie did this in sandals, omg) and we looked all over and could not find this view. That was a little disappointing BUT we still found some amazing views, and I think they are perfect.

Love you, Cass + Josh!

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